All about oral sex – Positions, Tips and Tricks

For several years, oral sex is no longer taboo, and most women practice it to satisfy fully spouses. In general, oral sex is used as foreplay before normal sex and this is an extremely exciting thing for all men.

oral sex

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Sex with an ex-girlfriend, a good idea?

Is it advisable to have sex with ex-girlfriend? You discover that the “love of your life” is cheating on you and you left it without regret. Or maybe you were used by ex-girlfriend only for money…

Maybe you decided to put point because she was careless. She may has wanted to be separated, and you have suffered after separation. You promised yourself that you will not have to deal with it again and have removed any trace of the relationship in your home.


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Adult Dating in Derry City

Derry is an ideal location to reside if you are interested in adult dating. This is one of the biggest in Northern Ireland.

This tends to make any search for courting companions or adult fun actions in Derry much much more likely to arrive up with positive outcomes than occurs in less densely populated places. It is believed that much less than 1 quarter of a for each cent of people residing in the United Kingdom ever interact in swinging, so unless you are ready to look for contacts and actions more than a broader region than just your home city.

Derry escorts

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How many times a week should have sex?

We all know that the women talk about the number of sex they have weekly, while men only talk about sex. Trial results are varying based on various criteria, but the most important factor is age.

For example, it is normal that newlyweds at the age of 20-something to be more active than their grandparents, who fear that a simple kiss could hip fracture.

couple sex

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How to make sex for hours

Do you want to enjoy more time for sex with your girlfriend? Tantric sex can be just what you need. This would be PHENOMENAL!

What is Tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a sexual practice for over 5,000 years old, which has its origin in Indian culture. It is a form of sex believed that can enhance the closeness between partners and create a strong link between body and mind that orgasms are achieved. Tantric sex or Tantra can be practiced by anyone who wants to give a new breath of sexual contact.

Tantric Sex

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