How many times a week should have sex?

We all know that the women talk about the number of sex they have weekly, while men only talk about sex. Trial results are varying based on various criteria, but the most important factor is age.

For example, it is normal that newlyweds at the age of 20-something to be more active than their grandparents, who fear that a simple kiss could hip fracture.

couple sex

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How to make sex for hours

Do you want to enjoy more time for sex with your girlfriend? Tantric sex can be just what you need. This would be PHENOMENAL!

What is Tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a sexual practice for over 5,000 years old, which has its origin in Indian culture. It is a form of sex believed that can enhance the closeness between partners and create a strong link between body and mind that orgasms are achieved. Tantric sex or Tantra can be practiced by anyone who wants to give a new breath of sexual contact.

Tantric Sex

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Learn from Kama Sutra the secrets of a perfect relationship

Kama Sutra is a collection of ancient texts, considered the most extensive work on human sexual behavior. This work was written by indian philosopher Mallanaga Vatsyayana. Today, the notion of Kama Sutra is associated only with sexual positions; which is only partly correct.

The Kama Sutra story

Sexual positions are also discussed extensively in the study, but only one of the seven parts of it. Thus, an entire chapter is devoted to various kinds of sexual union that can be achieved depending on the height of the two partners, the intensity of desire and the time dedicated to love.

Also, there are not excluded fantasies or oral and anal sex, because they are part of the sexual life of a couple. Homosexual practices are not mentioned here.

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The best reasons the have more SEX

We all know that sex has many good sides, so we’ve decided to show you in this article the best reasons to have more sex.

We all know the most apparent purpose for possessing sex. And despite the fact that it is a fantastic sufficient motive that doesn’t call for a lot further persuasion, it is even now fascinating to discover about additional benefits of sex.

sex benefits
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Two sisters accused of online blackmail

The two sisters of Indian origin in Canada became known on Instagram because of their resemblance to Kim Kardashian were arrested in Nigeria.

Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo had extramarital affairs with several millionaires, most of Africa. Women have secretly filmed them while having sex with them. Records obtained were used to blackmail victims. Specifically, the two sisters were caught after they blackmailing nigerian businessman Femi Otedola who cheated on his wife with these sisters.

Jyoti And Kiran Matharoo

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Alexandra Khefren has already lost her virginity?

Alexandra Khefren is the romanian girl who sold her virginity on the internet. It seems that the meeting with the winner of the auction has already taken place!

Alexandra is the girl who became a star overnight. She appeared in a TV show in Britain in announcing that sells her virginity for about 850,000 pounds and looks like it has been very lucky.

“I’m selling my virginity to the highest bidder!”, said Alexandra.

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The best Adult Date with an escort in Birmingham

In our days, online adult dating is very simple, risk-free and economical to find any lover and soul mate. Now, internet relationship websites permit you have a glimpse of prospective companions just before you even speak to them!

All excellent adult dating sites, like AWantage, have a lot of profiles – some have hundreds of profiles! The alternative is huge! And since the alternative is so huge you will certainly meet with a partner that you like!

Adult Dating

Birmingham escorts can be booked 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. Just get in touch with the Birmingham escort agency and they’d just take in your requests and do all the preparations for you.

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Top 7 Places to visit with a Birmingham Escort

Hmmm… Birmingham is the second largest city in England. This is a very, very nice city, a place where surely you can have more fun! Why you doing this alone? A Birmingham Escort can be the best choice! In the company of a wonderful escort you can discover the most wonderful places in this town!

In the lines below, I will present among the biggest attractions of Birmingham.

1) BMAG – Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery initial opened in 1885. There are more than forty galleries to discover that applied art, display art, social history, archaeology and ethnography. Entrance to BMAG is totally free, but some significant exhibitions in the Gas Hall incur an entrance charge. In 2015, over 900,000 visitors came to the museum producing it the 16th most visited museum nationally.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Here, you can Discover the fascinating story of the Staffordshire Hoard, the greatest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold at any time discovered, in its very own dedicated gallery. In addition to the lasting galleries there is a numerous exhibition programme that delivers a collection of shifting exhibitions throughout the calendar year.

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