A 30-year-old banker from London, was killed for trying to conquer a young lady in a nightclub

A 30-year-old banker from London, was killed for trying to conquer a young lady in a nightclub.


Oliver Dearlove, a young man of 30 years who worked at a private bank in London, died in a brutal and unexpected way, one evening when he was out on the town with friends.

Shortly after midnight he approached a group of young. He saw that one of the girls took off her heels, asked if her feet hurt. The conversation continued and the girl told him that she is mother and showed pictures on your mobile phone with her baby of four weeks old. Oliver told her “polite and friendly” that she has a beautiful child, learned judges at the trial that took place on Tuesday, February 14.

Then came the killer in scene, Trevor Timon, aged 31 years. He knew the girls and began to yell at Oliver: Why are you talking to them? If you not leave from here, I’ll leave you wide at the floor.

Altercation between the two continued, and Trevor has strongly hit the victim with his fist in the left side of the head and neck. The man was immediately collapsed to the floor and unfortunately died in hospital after 24 hours.

The process is still ongoing. Timon admitted charges of violence against another person, but not those of murder. Be careful what you do in a nightclub! You never know who you’re dealing!

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