First meeting – Hot gestures at the first meeting

The first time when you meet your partner, you wonder what you can surprise and conquer him, without exaggerate. And of course you can do to exist and the 2nd meeting.

first meeting

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  1. Use an irresistible, sexy and mysterious fragrance but not in industrial quantities. So just how to keep him in mind and always want to be around you. Try something original, sweet and feminine.
  2. Don’t neglect your sense of humor. Your partner will be conquered if you laugh at his jokes and if, in return, you’ll be able to “unfreeze” atmosphere. Don’t stop at simply jokes that it knows anyway. Try to tell something funny in your childhood.
  3. Each of us wants to be heard and to be given attention. When your partner is talking, listen to it: with eyes, mind and soul.
  4. Dress with style! It will be stunned and will not knowing who meets…  Too sexy is not indicated, it does not believe that you’re an easy “prey”. Something subtle and cute is perfect!
  5. Smile! Sweet, hot, sexy, whatever you want, just smile!
  6. Give him compliments on his clothing or eyes. But be honest and do not overdo it, because you’ll get exactly the opposition!
  7. It is very attractive if you start an interesting discussion. Watch the news or read a magazine before the meeting. But don’t bother him with gossip at work or mundane news that leaves him cold. And don’t talk too much, and he let him to do the same.
  8. You pay the bill! You will surely impress and you will convey that you enjoyed meeting. If he insists on paying, convince him that even the first time, to share the note. If all else wants, give him something on the way: an ice-cream cake.

First meeting with an Escort

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