5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day sex

You want to give your partner an unforgettable experience for Valentine’s Day? Then it would be good to take into consideration these simple ideas, but that will give pleasure. In addition, they will reward you with an unforgettable orgasm. What another good surprise for Valentine’s?

Valentine's Day Sex

Sex in bathtub

Get ready for a ritual Indian bath: suave flavors, plentiful foam. Awaiting him in the tub and be prepared for what will follow. For more pleasure, add liberally lubricant (water no lubricates).

No penetration if you’re in water, you can choose a standing position in the back.

A surprise dinner

Sit in bed and you decorate with whipped cream, powdered chocolate and some strawberries. There’s no need to exaggerate, as you know… sometimes less means more. Surprise your lover with a surprise dessert and ask him to help you “get back” at initial condition.

Try not to use too many products and be sure that your lover is near.

Zero Visibility

Such as having sex without seeing will happen to you? Sure your partner has put this question at least once. So, help him to achieve a higher level of knowledge… linking it to the eye and gives him a sex that you will hardly forget.

Positions, positions, and… positions

I think I’ve shown enough sex position to make sure that at least one is new to you or not so used. Choose a position from those you use less often or not at all and “invited” him to test your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Let him decide on it will be much happier!

Frozen touches

You use ice to stimulate your partner? Then why don’t make him a Valentine Day’s surprise? Take an ice cube and play on his back or you can grab a small piece of ice in your mouth and give him an oral sex.

Alternate the ice with heat and you will get amazing results.

Valentine’s Day with an Escort

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