The youngest mother in UK. She got pregnant when she was just 11 years old.

She’s the youngest mother in UK. She got pregnant when she was just 11 years old. A young girl from UK was repeatedly abused by her brother when she was only 11 years old, remains pregnant.

youngest mother

Now, Tressa Middleton who had the courage to abandon anonymity and confess to the people that she had been sexually abuse and is pregnant again. Moreover, she was forced to give their child in the care of British social services, in the moment was learned that the father was actually her brother.

She also had become dependent on heroin, passing at that time in 2006 by a real drama, reaching close to losing his life. She apparently suffered immensely and was forced to give up his daughter and has not managed to find the little girl then. Tressa Middleton is now 23 years old and apparently gave up drugs, and since she met Darren Young, who became her fiancé, his life has changed completely.

This time, the child is born into a safe and happy home with two responsible adults who are ready to adore and give up everything to ensure that he will grow healthy and happy. I will tell the child about his older sister… There will not be a secret, because it is an important part of our family. My hope is that, one day, both my children to meet and to know the whole truth about what happened, confessed the young.

In addition, in the moment when she got pregnant at 11 yo, Tressa represent a real problem for her parents, because she smoke, dope and drinking in excess.

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